strategy & creative

the most valuable BTL campaigns start from an idea.

the internal creative department is an incubator, where ideas are trained to become memorable campaigns.

we are a complete team of strategy and creative, ready for any challenge.


less trouble for our clients.

we take things to the end and make sure each campaign looks impeccable not only on paper but also in real life.

our experience allows us to achieve success with any type of production, even when working with special materials.

field & HR

there, taking care.

a promise kept with the contribution of every member of the field team.

we deliver ready to run campaigns, no matter how courageous the briefing sounds.

that’s because our team in the field takes care of all the details so that any project can become a successful campaign.

Men in Black can provide a 24/7 national coverage and has all the logistics to accomplish this. Whether it’s retail visibility projects, in-store experiential marketing, in-store communication or loyalty programs.

the ability to deliver fully integrated services is included in the agency’s genetic code, whether it is about strategic solutions, technology based creative concepts for promotions, store design, 3D design, in-store implementation ideas, store supervision, audit and evaluation projects.


we can transform any complicated problem for our clients into a simple equation.

that’s because, logistically, we’re eliminating the unknowns.

we can always provide our own transport, storage, packaging, delivery and other implementation resources for any type of project.

digital & IT

we are a fully integrated agency in the interaction age, so #wegodigital.

we have the latest generation solutions for consumer interaction, digital reporting capabilities and feedback.

we design and build web sites, social media campaigns, digital activation (product campaigns), digital products (educational or utilitarian applications).

we can also implement any digital activation using 500 tablets we own for activations or events.

reporting & evaluation

we can not talk about succes if we can not measure it.

so we built our own platform to measure everything in the field and we know anytime everything about:

  • › real-time data collection generated by the project (product inventory, consumer personal data, proof of purchase photos, etc.);
  • › team visibility in the field;
  • › data generation and interpretation;
  • › total project control.

the platform is a flexible tool, accessible from desktop or mobile devices, which can be upgraded with new functions, adapted to the specific needs of every project and client.